Time to pause and reflect

All is quiet, on New Year’s Day…

We evolve as people every day of our lives. Some days might be quiet, or not so-good days, but they’re still a day we’re experiencing the ups and downs of life. Sometimes it’s good to sit down and reflect on this constant evolution.

Throughout late December/early January, I actively find time to have some self reflection time. Whilst I’ve never seen New Years’ Eve as anything to celebrate, nor that January 1st is the start of something “new”, I still believe in using the societal deemed “holiday period” to do some reflecting on the past 12 months, as well as thinking of what I might want to achieve for the next 12 months or so. I generally don’t do this in one sitting – I’ll write a little bit, then leave it and come back over the few weeks. It might not end up being public either, it all depends on what I’ve written, how I feel at the time, and also whether I can simply be bothered uploading it to the internet.

I’ll set out to reflect on the following:

  • What goals did I want to achieve in 2018? (and sometimes why)

  • Did I achieve these goals?

    •  Yes/no? (why?)

    • Did anyone help me/how did I achieve them.

    • Are they continuing/have they changed over the year?

    • What could I have done better?

  • What did I achieve/do this year that I hadn’t planned?

    • Why?

    • Who was involved?

    • How could I have done things better?

  • Pick one goal that I did achieve and write a couple of paragraphs expanding on what it was, if it impacted other people, and how I felt

  • Pick one goal I may not have achieved and expand on how it made me feel

  • Check if there is anyone who has helped me throughout the year that I can ask to give their feedback on what I’ve written above.

I’ll then spend some time thinking ahead to next year. I’ll set up to 4 main goals. By only setting a maximum of four main goals, I know there’s more chance of success, and that I can plan each one properly.

  • I’ll think about why I’ve set each particular goal

  • I’ll then break each goal into smaller steps to (hopefully) make them achievable

    • What will I need to do to complete each goal?

    • Who, or what other resources will I need to help me along the way?

    • How will I measure the success of each goal?

    • How does this goal contribute to life for the long term?

It’s important to note that these goals aren’t going to start smack on January 1st, because as I mentioned at the beginning life is constantly evolving. They may not start until April, or even November. Situations may prevent them from starting until the next year, or even starting at all. Writing some goals does help to guide the direction I’ll take for the next 12 months though. It also helps me with my NDIS goal planning, too.

Unwind with TV and Lego

It’s also important for me to spend time over the ‘holiday’ period doing something I enjoy. This year I’ve ordered a big LEGO set. I really enjoy LEGO, and the ability to leave it and come back when I get too tired or have other things happening is a plus. I’ll also be looking forward to some TV shows returning, especially Season 2 of The Orville , with the first episode premiering on SBS On Demand at 1:01pm NYE, and then each Friday afternoon from January 4.

The Orville Season 2 Promo

I’m even more excited for the return of the police comedy show Brooklyn Nine Nine, also fast tracked to SBS On Demand weekly starting Friday January 11. NBC saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after FOX cancelled it earlier in 2018, and as you can see in the trailer below, they’ve been having some fun with the promos – can you imagine a B99/Law and Order SVU crossover?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Law and Order SVU parody promo

Both shows will also air on TV Friday nights on SBS VICELAND.

Whilst waiting for these shows to air weekly, I’m going through old seasons of Hawaii Five-0, taking advantage of Ten All Access’s First Month Free offer .

Hawaii Five-0 Promo

Do you do any self-reflection/year planning over the Christmas/New Year’s period? Let me know via Facebook