Sensory overloaded – Melbourne

I kinda forgot how sensory overloading Melbourne is, especially in the evening. I’m now used to staying in Carlton when I’m down, but this week I’ve stayed at the Victoria Hotel on Little Collins St. Not a bad little budget Rydges hotel, small but okay size room for a couple nights. Although the silly people who keep thinking my room is their room and trying to get into it, and the door alarm going off because the wrong card being used are getting a bit annoying – it’s happened twice in 24hrs…

What I’m not managing is how noisy, and visually overwhelming this end of the city is. With Bourke St Mall a block away, and Swanston St even closer, it’s a busy little area.

Things I’m finding overwhelming:

– foot traffic! People in Melbourne don’t seem to know how to manage foot traffic direction control, and instead you’re left to zigzag around people coming and going in different directions – JUST WALK STRAIGHT PEOPLE

– lights. ALL THE LIGHTS. And dark bits too. Adjusting to the differences is hard on my eyes


– Then there’s all the different shops playing different music, picking up different languages and accents in conversation, trams, cars, etc etc.

I don’t know whether I’m just tired from a new hotel, or for co-presenting for half the day and meeting 30 people I hadn’t met before, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed and exhausted.

Tomorrow I’m off to another new hotel in Geelong, then Thursday evening back in Melbourne at one of the hotels I like to haunt when I have an early train, which is Fridays plan.

At least I’m getting paid good money this week. And I’m sleeping better for the most part.

How was your day?