Recovery 2019

I’m meant to have the website finished by now. I’ve got until February 14 to do my bio, play around with the content, and submit an application for a scholarship. I’m so far behind!!

Part of that is because I’m still recovering from ankle surgery on Tuesday this week. I had 6 screws and a large metal plate taken out of my foot! (see image below)

The last few days have been wiped out by strong pain medication – the good news is I don’t think I need it anymore!

Recovery has brought along with it some complex issues – due to the fusion my leg hasn’t been straight for years, and I’m now having to limp around wearing a moonboot that goes halfway up my leg and is trying to force it to be straight. Being a few days in, the swelling is also reducing, and I’m finding my foot isn’t fitting in the boot as well as it could, and it’s moving around and just being uncomfortable to be in.

The next couple of weeks are going to be intense as I try to get the website finalised, and then put my scholarship application together. I know I’ve been quiet since the site launched at the end of 2018, but I promise I’ll be writing more regularly come late February.