Joel Wilson is a 32 year old autistic adult who lives in Wodonga, Australia, which is a town on the Victoria/New South Wales border

Joel was born in Perth, Western Australia, and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 2000, when he was 13. When he was 16, Joel was moved into an autism specific group home in Western Australia. After living in 3 group homes in two years, Joel lived with a home carer in a private house for 8 years. In 2016 Joel moved interstate to Victoria into independent living, and in May 2017 purchased his own home.

Joel is passionate about being a voice for all autistic people, and has a strong interest in sharing not only his own story and experiences, but the stories and experiences of other autistic adults. Joel is currently studying a Bachelor in Communication majoring in Journalism through Deakin University, to enhance his writing and interviewing skills. By sharing his and other autistic people’s stories, Joel hopes that society will be more accepting and understanding of autistic people and their accessibility needs.

Joel has an interest in public transport, and in 2018 attended Metro Trains’ Accessibility Action Plan stakeholder consultation in Melbourne. Joel regularly uses V/Line bus and trains to travel between Wodonga and Melbourne, and having a sensory disability as well as physical disability is well aware of the issues of public transport accessibility, and hopes to continue to advocate to make public transport more accessible moving into the future. Joel also has a passion for tracking aeroplanes, and enjoys flying and taking photos of aircraft.

In his spare time Joel builds LEGO sets and watches a lot of television drama, including The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, and the various Law & Order series’.

Joel’s autism advocacy specific achievements, as well as his work and education history can be found on his resume, which can be downloaded here.