I’m going back to uni!

I know, two posts in the one day! I’m trying to catch up on missed time…

Seriously though. I actually managed to get myself locked out of my WordPress account, and because of that the website, because I forgot my password and I got myself blocked. Shoutout to my Australian based hosting provider Zuver, who I sent a support ticket request off to, and within 10mins on a Saturday they replied saying they’d removed the block on my account, and everything had been fixed!

Back to the main point of this post though – I’m returning to university in March. After taking the past 6mths off, I’ve realised that Media Studies isn’t quite what I want to continue doing. My work life over the past year has changed, and that has led me to reconsider my long term study and employment aims.

“What will you be doing at University, Joel?”, you ask?

Are you still confused?

Yes, I’m going to be learning how to be a a part of the “Fake News” industry. I really want to learn how to tell stories more fluently and appropriately, and I also want to learn the skills to be able to someday write my own biography.

So I say goodbye to 1/4 of a Media Studies degree, and I start a Journalism degree (same Communications stream just different major) at Deakin March 3rd.

I’ll share more thoughts after then.

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